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▪️Jenna joined the military as a 92A (supply) in the Army reserves, but quickly realized that she wasn’t going to accomplish her goals there. So she switched over to active duty. Jenna served in South Korea and Fort Hood for 6 and a half years. She got out as a 100% permanent and total disabled veteran.

▫️In 2014, she began her Pyrography business, (the art of burning wood) CrossGrain Creations. In January of 2016 she completed her BA in Psychology. She was not able to achieve her goal of becoming a behavioural analyst, so she decided to make her own way. December 2017 she graduated with an AAS in Welding. Before graduating, she had two welding jobs. One of which made Jenna the first female welder fabrication. She now has 11 certifications in MIG, TOG, and STICK. She travelled for 2 years with them doing high pressure vessels and repairs.

▪️During all that time, she was running her own business with the addition of the brand she had created, “Welder Woman”. She used the experience gained from working for the man, to enhance her metal roses, sunflowers, tulips, horseshoe and railroad spike art.

▫️After her car accident in 2019, Jenna was unable to work due to a traumatic brain injury, and a shoulder and neck injury. The company she worked for fucking FIRED her, because they didn’t want to wait 6 weeks for her to heal properly. The accident made it clear that Jenna’s purpose is teach young girls and women who have had a traumatic past. She provides them with therapy and helps them find their own art path with welding. If she comes across anyone who has a passion for the industry, she wants to sponsor them to get their certifications.

▪️Jenna says ‘My favorite quote is from Shakespeare “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away”’. @thewelderwoman Thank you SO much for sharing your incredible journey with me! You have blown me away and inspired me, I know you will do amazing things to help more women, and I will be right here cheering you on!


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