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▪️Lesley began plumbing after moving to Fort McMurray, Alberta from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She was working for her dads construction company as a Labourer, when his company was in between work, the plumber offered her a job.

▫️She signed up for her apprenticeship and 4 years later had her journeyman ticket. She has been in the trade for 14 years, and has spent 10 years as a Journeyman / Red Seal plumber and gas fitter. In September of 2012, Lesley began her own company Pipe Wench Plumbing and Heating ltd.

▪️She got the name Pipe Wench from a journeyman she worked under, who coined her nickname P.W. One day she asked him what it stood for, and he explained “cause you’re the pipe wench”. When she was thinking of starting her own company, she knew it had to be that name! She sketched up the logo, and had one of her friends draw up the current logo. She wanted it to have a vintage but modern vibe, blending the old with the new. She wanted it to represent a strong, independent women who knows how to use the tools as hopefully inspire younger women and generations to get into the trades.

▫️Currently, Lesley is back in British Columbia mostly focused on helping her parents build their retirement home.
Currently I am back in British Columbia for the past 6 months mostly focused on helping my parents build their retirement home. So far she and her father have done the foundation work, retaining walls, framed the house and are beginning on the plumbing.

▪️Her father, Bob, was the one who inspired Lesley to get back into the trades. He convinced her to do a full circle back to be able to build his house with him. “Building Bob’s House” is priceless time spent together. She plans to absorb as much of his knowledge as she can, as he has been in the construction industry for the past 40 years. Lesley was displaced from her home after the flood in Fort McMurray, and with the COVID pandemic going on, making the decision to return home and do this project with her dad was an easy one.


▫️ @thepipewench Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with me! I look forward to seeing how this build goes!!

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