Meet Kylie!! (@thedarkangel88)⬇️⬇️


▪️Kylie Angel is a 32 year old professional boxer. She is known for her fire red hair, tattoos, and strong reputation in the Hamilton community as a woman who empowers others to be their best self.

▫️She has made it her mission to become a young entrepreneur, owning her own boxing studio that mainly focuses on building a welcoming environment for those interested in learning the sport of boxing.

▪️When Kylie was 19, she had just had her son, and she wanted to lose some weight. So she found a kickboxing gym and fell in love with punching, but not so much kicking. She moved on to a boxing club and hasn’t stopped since! She began competing the following year, and it has taken over her life!

▫️ @thedarkangel88 Thank you SO much for sharing your incredible story with me! I fell in love with Kylie’s story and knew I had to share it here with you guys. She is so determined and fierce, I know you’ll love her journey! 💕


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