Meet Kortney!! (@seq_chippy_chick)⬇️⬇️

▪️Kortney is an apprentice Carpenter from Brisbane, Australia! She has done most of her apprenticeship in heritage and renovations, but made the big leap into high end luxury mega mansions with Ardent Builders!

▫️She grew up in a big family (2 sisters and 3 brothers), unfortunately they didn’t have a lot of money growing up. Their mum was always working to keep them afloat, which caused Kortney to learn from a young age how to do things herself. This lead her to fixing things around the house and building stuff out of left over or abandoned materials. It eventually turned into restoring old furniture and the paved the way for her to become a carpenter!

▪️Kortney says “For anyone umming and aghring about if they should or shouldn’t do it. Here’s my advice; just fuck’n send it, take the leap, and what’s the worst that could happen?”

▫️ @seq_chippy_chick Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story with me! I can’t wait to see what you build next! 🥰

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