Meet DeIla Ray!! ( @Deila.Ray ) ⬇️⬇️

▪️DeIla Ray is a certified combo coded vessel welder in SMAW & GTAW. Over the past 7 years, DeIla Ray, her husband and their 3 Dachshunds have travelled the US fabricating and building a variety of piping systems for compressor stations, refineries, water treatment facilities and wastewater treatment facilities. ▫️She has had zero schooling, zeroContinue reading “Meet DeIla Ray!! ( @Deila.Ray ) ⬇️⬇️”

Meet Eliza!! (@eliza_loves_trucks)⬇️⬇️

▪️Eliza Leon is a builder, fabricator, mechanic and auto damage appraiser!! She grew up in San Elizario, TX. ▫️When Eliza was 6 or 7, her mom took her to see Monster Trucks and she fell in love with Grave Digger and Medusa (both female driven). This sparked her interest in wanting to know how motorContinue reading “Meet Eliza!! (@eliza_loves_trucks)⬇️⬇️”