Meet KT ( @miss_restoration_)⬇️⬇️

▪️KT has been in the restoration business for 8.5 years! She says being able to preserve historic buildings and ensure the history has a future is something that she is extremely proud of! ▫️Restoration is a skillful and artist trade, however positions are hard to come by unless you know somebody already in the trade,Continue reading “Meet KT ( @miss_restoration_)⬇️⬇️”

Meet Marie!! (@greatdamerestoration)⬇️

▪️Marie is the ‘primary’ dame at Great Dame Restoration – a women owned and operated business focused on the restoration and revitalization of antiques! ▫️Marie was never the type to settle into a single career path, she has explored building restoration, paper preservation and conservation with the National Archives, inventoried museum collections, conducted oral histories,Continue reading “Meet Marie!! (@greatdamerestoration)⬇️”