Meet Ariel!! (@ariel_the_mermaid90)⬇️⬇️

▪️Ariel is 39 years old and she is an HVAC-R technician!! ▫️She started working in the trade 5 years ago, after graduating from the HVAC program at Cambrian College. She had returned to school after having her son, because she wanted a better future for him. Ariel was working highway maintenance before, and she knewContinue reading “Meet Ariel!! (@ariel_the_mermaid90)⬇️⬇️”

Meet Sara!! (@nerdygirlmechanic)⬇️⬇️

▪️Sara Benoy originally went to school for graphic design, but then learned that a desk job is not for her. She grew up hanging out with her dad in the garage and has always enjoyed working with her hands. ▫️She knew she wanted to get into a trade, but didn’t think it was an optionContinue reading “Meet Sara!! (@nerdygirlmechanic)⬇️⬇️”

Meet Jessica!! ( @hvacjess )⬇️⬇️

▪️Jessica Bannister is a level 2 HVAC apprentice in Vancouver, Canada. When she is qualified, she will hold a Red Seal Certification as a Refrigeration Mechanic. ▫️Jessica is 37 years old and spent 10-12 years unhappy in an office job. ▪️She is now in this trade because of her family’s business, Cam Cool Refrigeration (Continue reading “Meet Jessica!! ( @hvacjess )⬇️⬇️”