Meet Lesley!! (@thepipewench)⬇️⬇️

▪️Lesley began plumbing after moving to Fort McMurray, Alberta from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She was working for her dads construction company as a Labourer, when his company was in between work, the plumber offered her a job. ▫️She signed up for her apprenticeship and 4 years later had her journeyman ticket. She has beenContinue reading “Meet Lesley!! (@thepipewench)⬇️⬇️”

Meet Yas!!(@that_plumber_girl_yas)⬇️⬇️

▪️Yas got started by doing a mini course in plumbing and basic DIY in a local B&Q and she absolutely loved it. She made the career change and never ever looked back. ▫️She works for a local authority as an apprentice plumber/gas engineer. She works with local tenants to ensure all plumbing needs are metContinue reading “Meet Yas!!(@that_plumber_girl_yas)⬇️⬇️”

Meet Tori! ( @honkytonk_fab )⬇️⬇️

▪️Tori is 21 years old, she is a welder and just recently became an apprentice in the plumber and pipe fitters union. ▫️She first started welding in high school, and has been welding as a career for 6 months. She learned how to mig, and became certified in AWS D1.1. Then when she got herContinue reading “Meet Tori! ( @honkytonk_fab )⬇️⬇️”

Meet Iris!! ( @iristheplumber )⬇️⬇️

▪️Iris started working in the trades when she was 16 years old. She was a bit of a trouble maker at school, so she decided that it was best to start working. She immediately fell in love with the plumbing trade, and hasn’t had one bad morning ever since. ▫️It was terrifying at first, beingContinue reading “Meet Iris!! ( @iristheplumber )⬇️⬇️”

Meet Anna!! (@theplumbingprincess)⬇️⬇️

▪️Anna became a plumber after going through a divorce. Being young and divorced was incredibly difficult for her. She wasn’t making enough money to pay the bills, and her dad (who’s also a plumber) suggested she should go into a trade. ▫️She figured plumbing would be a wise choice, since she would have her dadContinue reading “Meet Anna!! (@theplumbingprincess)⬇️⬇️”

Meet Megan!! (@megandoesplumbing)⬇️⬇️

▪️Megan Gray is a first year plumbing apprentice in Calgary, Alberta! 🇨🇦🍁 ▫️She worked in childcare and advertising before she began to feel antsy, and realized that she needed to work with her hands! ▪️She didn’t know anyone in the trades, especially not women. Megan had to educate herself and put herself out there. SheContinue reading “Meet Megan!! (@megandoesplumbing)⬇️⬇️”

Meet Ida!! (@plumbeline)⬇️⬇️

▪️Ida is 28 years old and she is from Hokksund, a small town in Norway! 🇳🇴 ▫️She always wondered what she wanted to be when she grew up, she was 26 years old when she decided to start a new journey as a plumber! ▪️To become a plumber, Ida had to choose between either 2Continue reading “Meet Ida!! (@plumbeline)⬇️⬇️”