Meet Dee!! (@dee.d15)⬇️⬇️

Dee Durant

▪️Dee is a young female just starting her journey into the trades. She is also the first in her family to get into the trades.

▫️She is currently attending @conestogacollege in a pre-apprenticeship program and is just about to finish her work term!

▪️She is studying in the electrical trade ⚡️ and spent her co-op working at @brucepowerngs , with mostly industrial electricians and I&C workers. She loves to work and loves to learn.

▫️In her free time she officiates ice hockey 🏒 which helps her stay fit and helps build her confidence dealing with conflict. Because of her work as an official she believes it helps in the workplace working with other workers and the public.

▪️Dee is also working for @skilledtradeskickass as an Ambassador!! 🤯💥

▫️Although Dee has faced some challenges and still has more to come, she is determined to do the best she can every day.

▪️ @dee.d15 Thank you so much for sharing your story! I can’t wait to follow your journey and see all the badass things you will accomplish!! Also connect with this beauty on LinkedIn (Dee Durrant)

⚜️Tell me about the inspiring women in your life!! 💕↘️↙️

Dee Durant

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