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▪️Bri is 44 years old from Baytown TX. She began in the medical field, because that’s what the women were encouraged to do, she got a degree as a Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant, but it just wasn’t for her. Shortly after, she started a family and devoted herself to her two children.

▫️Bri became a single mom to her two children after her second was born. She was working at UPS and also as a cleaning lady for about 30+ houses and a handful of commercial accounts, all while raising 2 kiddos on her own. Eventually, she burned out and decided she wanted to go back to school!

▪️She remembered her grandfather and cousins working in his shop and she would always peek around the door to watch. It just clicked, she wanted to learn welding!

▫️She was 41 when she enrolled in Austin Tx Community College’s Code Welding Program! The first time she struck an arc, she was in love!

▪️Bri spent endless hours in the welding lab, to gain the skills she needed. Thanks to some amazing instructors, perseverance, grit, lots of swear words and burns to match, she finished the program with AWS Certifications!!

▫️She tried out a couple different jobs in the industry, building billboards, working for a blacksmith, she eventually landed a amazing job – pipe welding for a great company. Unfortunately, due to COVID, she was furloughed in June from her dream job. But that didn’t stop Bri for a single moment!

▪️She was encouraged to join her local Plumber and Pipe fitters Union (Local 286) and now she is back in school! She will be a Journeyman Pipe Fitter, Licensed Journeyman Plumber and a Certified Welder to top it all off!

▫️Bri Says “Sometimes you never know what life has planned for you, but as long as I’m moving forward, I thank God everyday for the strength he gives me to take that next step. Eventually I will end up right where He wants me:) hopefully it’s welding some big ass pipe🤣”

▪️ @fe_foxx Thank you so much for sharing your story with me! I am honoured to know such a determined and positive woman, you are an absolute inspiration and I cannot wait to see where your journeys land you! 💕

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