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Marleen Oedzes

▪️Marlene Oedzes is 26 years old, from the Netherlands! She is a certified female tig welder for pipeline!

▫️She always knew she wanted to do something technical. After beginning her engineering education, she soon realized that welding was going to become her profession.

▪️The first year after she graduated was tough. Marleen was insecure and didn’t believe that she could actually do this. She was second guessing herself needlessly.

▫️She ended up switching companies, and was far more confident in her new workplace. Her confidence continued to grow as she explored other companies. Eventually she returned to the company she had started with, and has happily been there for three years now.

▪️Marleen now teaches new students how to weld at her company. She really enjoys it and tries to boost her student’s confidence.

▫️Marleen says “6 years ago I was not really ready for this mans world But now I am. And I really love it! I love to work With my colleagues. They are the best and I really feel comforable at work. They let me feel at home.”

▪️When she isn’t working, Marleen loves to dance and teach colour guard to young children. She has been doing colour guard for 15 years.

▫️ @marleenoedzes Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with me! I look forward to seeing all the amazing things you will accomplish moving forward 💕

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Marleen Oedzes

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