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▪️Jenna is an aircraft mechanic by trade, but she is currently working in the Aerospace Industry as a flight technician for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

▫️Through JPL, Jenna assisted in building the Perseverance Mars Rover, that will be landing on Mars February 18th 2021!

▪️She used to be a fibreglass technician, specifically for a theme park doing rollercoaster/water slide fabrication and repair.

▫️Jenna joined JPL as a short term contractor in the Precision Cleaning Facility, which is responsible for ensuring that samples are not contaminated when they are brought back. A friend convinced her to apply, in order to help pay for schooling. One thing led to another, and she ended up on the Mars 2020 team!

▪️Jenna says “It was such a surreal feeling to know that every fastener I torqued was going to help make history. This is the first rover that is planning to send samples back from Mars. It was high stress at times but it was absolutely high reward too.”

▫️ @tigerrrzz WOW! That is such a cool story! I am so thankful that you shared that with me, I am beyond Mars honoured to share your story with everyone here!

⚜️Tell me about an out of this world lady! 🚀↙️↘️

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