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Darla Skinner

▪️Darla Skinner is 21 years old, and from British Columbia, Canada! 🇨🇦🍁 She didn’t come from a family of welders, and she didn’t know a single thing about it.

▫️When she was 14, her parents divorced which caused her massive stress. She didn’t want to see her parents struggle and didn’t want to become a burden to her family. She wanted to help, but was the youngest in her family and had zero control over the situation. In order to avoid the stress, and to escape her own feelings she turned to alcohol and partying.

▪️Once she graduated high school, she continued down the wrong path, but she recognized that she could not keep going that way. She had to leave her small town and get her life together but at this point she had already spent years not caring about where she ended up.

▫️Darla didn’t have a plan, but she knew she wanted to work with her hands. More than anything, she wanted to escape and run away from all of her problems, hoping that they would go away. Welding was her way out, welding pushed her to become independent which took a lot of weight off her shoulders.

▪️She loved working, and she loved that she was too busy for friends or family. She didn’t want to deal with her real life, so she threw herself full force into her work. When COVID hit, she was forced to work from home, where she has been focusing on her business ; Creating handmade welding caps, bandanas and masks!

▫️Darla has been forced to deal with the problems in her life since being at home, and it has made her realize why she went into welding and how much it has taught her. She says “I’d be lying if I said welding was my passion, it was my rehab!”

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▪️ @starweldz Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story with me! I am so honoured to watch you grow and move forward through the tough times in life. I commend your resilience and determination💕

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Darla Skinner

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