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▪️Desirae is 27 years old, and originally from New Hampshire! She did not come from a family of mechanics, although she did learn that her grandfather had worked on tanks in the army!

▫️As a kid, she was always given a hard time for her love of cars, it seemed to attract a lot of gay jokes from her peers. As a defence mechanism, she hid that part of herself. Her senior year, she finally decided to start taking her career goal seriously, and she joined the Diesel Club. She didn’t know a single thing about diesels, but she quickly fell in love with them. Semi trucks soon became her obsession!

▪️When she graduated in 2012, she began working at a truck accessory shop. She managed to get her foot in the door and gained experience with installing aftermarket stuff like radios, light, plows and bed covers. Her boss there told her she would never amount to much in the diesel industry (eff you, dick!).

▫️In 2016, Desirae moved to Ohio to attend the University of Northwestern Ohio. She completed their 2 year diesel program where she got to work on semis and learned how to weld. She plans to return to school for a welding certification since she enjoyed it so much!

▪️After college, she played job roulette for a while. She loved her job at US Xpress in Northern Georgia, she got along with most of the men there, minus a few old timers who still believed women shouldn’t be in the trades.

▫️She has since moved to Maine, and it has made her realize that semis and larger Diesel engines are her goal.

▪️ @sockets_and_smiles Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with me! It was an absolute honour chatting with you and getting to know you! I can’t wait to see where you go next!

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