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Samantha Markham

▪️Samantha Markham is 25 years old, from Upper Michigan, living in Fort Worth Texas. She is an automotive technician, fabricator, and custom painter at House of Hotrods in Mansfield Texas. She also takes all of the shop photos and runs the social media accounts.

▫️Samantha has been working on cars professionally for 10 years. She began helping her dad when she was 5, and became obsessed! She spent her entire life trying to learn as much as possible about them. When she was in high school, she took 3 years of auto tech, competed in Skills USA, and built and raced her demolition derby car. She also worked at a local junkyard pulling parts.

▪️After high school, she moved to Texas to attend Universal Technical Institute for Automotive and Diesel. She graduated with a perfect 4.0 and perfect attendance!

▫️After graduation, Samantha worked at a dealer for 5 years as a technician until she left in 2019 for her dream job at House of Hotrods! Classics were always her passion, she wanted to be like her uncle Steve, her grandfather and her dad. She has been building her ‘78 Thunderbird for 7 years, while daily driving it.

▪️Samantha says “I hope to do some serious racing this year, without it I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am as far as living where I do and having the job I do. Because of it, I’ve been featured on Hotrod Magazines Website, and the speed girls and the drive.”

▫️ @svtbird Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with me! I am so honoured to share your story! I look forward to seeing everything you will accomplish in the future! 💕

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Samantha Markham

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