Meet Lynsey!! (@lynsmcn_civilengineer)⬇️⬇️

▪️Lynsey started working as a site engineer after graduating from university. She studied civil engineering at the University of Dundee.

▫️She the progressed to a section engineer responsible for constructing 16 turbines on a wind farm in South Wales. From there, she moved to reservoir construction and large diameter pipe work. Now, she is working in Marine work which she she absolutely loves! She finds it interesting, challenging and varied, no two days are ever the same. Lynsey worked towards and achieved Chartership Status with the Institution of Civil Engineers!!

▪️Outside of work, she likes to do some farming, hill walking and exercising when she can fit it in. She works such long hours, but it is important to make time for things outside of work as well!

▫️ In school, Lesley enjoyed mathematics, and technology and design which left her wanting a hands on job. Contracting has provided her with exactly that, she works approximately half of the day in the office, and other half on site.

▪️Lynsey says “Working in civil engineering and construction is such a rewarding job it is important we increase everyones understanding of the opportunities available 😀”

▫️ @lynsmcn_civilengineer Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story with me! I absolutely adore seeing women doing what they love, so I hope you continue to enjoy your job every single day 💕

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