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DeIla Ray

▪️DeIla Ray is a certified combo coded vessel welder in SMAW & GTAW. Over the past 7 years, DeIla Ray, her husband and their 3 Dachshunds have travelled the US fabricating and building a variety of piping systems for compressor stations, refineries, water treatment facilities and wastewater treatment facilities.

▫️She has had zero schooling, zero prior experience but she became successful with pure determination. She built herself and her skills from the ground up, with the help of her peers. Last year, both she and husband stepped away from their corporate jobs and began their own business called Alpha Duo. They bring master craftsmanship and precision to every project.

▪️DeIla Ray overcame her fear of heights and welding with a 60ft structure. She laid on top of two OSHA approved boards, that were wire tied to the metal angles that she had just welded herself. Once the hood dropped, only the weld mattered.

▫️This past year, she was nominated and awarded 2020 Tradeswoman of the Year by the Empowering Women Industry. She is incredible thankful for the honour and absolutely loved the group of like-minded women! She strives to be the example that she sought after when she first entered the trades. Through this group she has found that there is literally nothing women cannot accomplish.

▪️DeIhla Ray says “Before my husband and I started traveling for work we experienced 4 miscarriages. I was in a deep and dark place mentally. Confused as to why my body was betraying me. This womanly body meant to bring life into the world and for some reason wasn’t. We set the dream of a family to the side and decided to focus on our careers – cue the last 7 years. As a woman succeeding in a male dominated industry I started to see more of my purpose in life. My focus and goals shifted. I am strong and able to do so many things that some would say isn’t meant for a woman. I can’t tell you want that truly meant to me as a woman who felt so lost in her own skin. So again I’ll say, welding saved me.”

▫️ @deila.ray Thank you so much for sharing that empowering and courageous story with me! You are truly amazing and so strong!! 💕

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DeIla Ray

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